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OAHS Career Day 2012
Call for Volunteers

Oliver Ames High School will be running a Career Day on April 11, 2012.  The event will run from 8 a.m. until 10 a.m. We are looking for volunteers to speak about their careers for 15 -20 minutes to two different groups of students.  Two speakers will be assigned to a single classroom and the students will change classrooms once in the two hour session.  It is our hope for students to then hear from four speakers throughout the morning.  Classrooms have the most current technology, so a Power Point or any other visual aid would be appropriate.

We are hoping that you will volunteer and speak on your job/career.  If you have any questions regarding this day, please contact us at 508-230-3210.

If you are willing to volunteer, please email us by January 27th. We thank you in advance for your interest and help.


Caroline Paulino
Guidance Counselor

Cathy Harp
Business/Technology Department












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